The Almost Real Products Website: was created to help middle and high school teachers, college instructors, service providers, and workforce development professionals prepare their students/clients for the online job application process. As more companies move their employment application process to online systems, applicants will need to learn how to navigate these complex systems. Indeed, some large national employers have online job applications that exceed 50 pages of information.


Many employers across the country use online job applications and assessments as a fast and easy way to screen applicants. Students and adults without the knowledge necessary to maneuver through the complicated online process may find themselves eliminated early in their job search.

Almost Real Products is a fictitious company but its website provides a real online job application experience to students and adults who wish to practice completing applications, screening questions, and pre-employment tests.


By duplicating the online hiring process, AlmostReal is better than real. does not retain any data entered by individuals, but allows students/clients to print out completed pages for review with instructors. All surveys and assessments are scored instantaneously, providing immediate feedback to users to develop a better sense of their job readiness. Instructors can review deficiencies and close knowledge gaps. Users can access the system as often as desired, improving performance and, as a result, their ability to clear the first hurdle in securing a job interview, and eventually, a job.


Subscriptions are sold based on virtual seats -- or concurrent users. For example, a 50 virtual seat license can serve 50 individuals logged in simultaneously. As one or more individuals log out, new users can utilize the same virtual seats. Users can access the website from any computer with Internet access. The total number of virtual seats purchased for a subscription should be based on the anticipated number of users at any one time.


Parts of the website are free, but all assessments, surveys and applications are password protected and available only through an annual subscription. is part of the LearnDoEarn Student Achievement System and was created by the New Jersey Chamber of Commerce Foundation, a 501(c)(3) organization dedicated to workforce development.


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