Online Tutorial and Career Considerations Worksheet


Chapter 1 - Overview

The AlmostRealProducts website presents a true picture of the competitive nature of the employment process so individuals can gauge job readiness, remediate as necessary, and improve their chances of successfully completing this first step in securing a job interview

Chapter 2 - Using Online Job Applications Forms With the increase in employer usage of online job application forms, applicants can be eliminated by making mistakes.
Chapter 3 - Using Job Match Surveys

Employers use 'soft' questions for a variety of reasons and job candidates must learn how to answer questions that have no right answers other than those the employer expects.

Chapter 4 - Using Applicant Screening Questions Many employers use 'open-ended' (essay) questions in the online application process. AlmostRealProducts provides an opportunity to practice answering open-ended 'essay' questions, called 'Applicant Screening Questions.'
Chapter 5 - Strategic Career Awareness Experts predict that in just ten years, every job in every sector will demand more education than currently required. Over 70 - 80 percent of the jobs that will be available when today's students are adults have not been invented yet.
Chapter 6 - Using Pre-Employment Tests Because so many students graduate from high school - and even college - without learning the academic skills they need to get a job, almost all employers test for English and mathematics at the point of hire.
Chapter 7 - Using Job Competency Assessments Many employers assess how well job candidates know content material specific to their fields via written, oral, or hands-on demonstration of skills.
Career Considerations Worksheet A four-page guided learning worksheet that helps students/clients think strategically about careers and the educational preparation necessary to achieve career goals.